Onset 80' Smart Sensor Extension Cable (16834) Check Availability

This is an 82’ (25 m) male to male extender cable plus a female-to-female adapter for use with Onset smart sensors. This cable allows users to mount smart sensors on weather towers with the logger near the ground. It is compatible with the following Onset smart sensors:

Onset Wind Speed & Direction Smart Sensor S-WCA-M003
Onset12 Bit Temperature/RH Smart Sensor S-THB-002
Onset 12 Bit Temperature Smart Sensor S-TMB-M002
Onset Temperature Smart Sensor S-TMB-M006
Onset 12 Bit Temperature Smart Sensor S-TMB-M017
OnsetSilicon Pyranometer Smart Sensor S-LIB-M003
Onset Soil Moisture Smart Sensor S-SMC-M005
HOBOPulse Input Adapter UCD-M006
HOBO Pulse Input Adapter UCC