Onset 12 Bit Temperature/RH Smart Sensor S-THB-002 (21255) Check Availability

The S-THB-M002 is a temperature and relative humidity sensor that stores its configured parameters inside the smart sensor and automatically communicates the configuration to the logger without programming or extensive user set up. The temperature sensor has a measurement range of ‐40 to 75 °C (‐40 to 167 °F). It has an accuracy of ±0.21 °C (±0.38 °F) from 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F).

The relative humidity sensor has a measurement range of 0 to 100% RH at ‐40 to 75°C (‐40 to 167°F). The typical accuracy is ±2.5% from 10% to 90% RH. The accuracy increases to ±3.5%, including hysteresis, at 25 °C (77 °F). Below 10% RH and above 90% RH, the accuracy is typically ±5%.

This sensor has an 8.2’ cable

View specifications and user’s manual: here

Compatible with the following loggers:

HOBO FlexSmart/Energy Pro Logger H22-001
HOBO Weather Station Data Logger USB U30-NRC
HOBO Weather Station Data Logger Wi-Fi U30