Evergreen Telemetry Air Balancing Kit K-TAB-6 (22341) Check Availability

The Evergreen Telemetry Air Balancing Kit K-TAB-6 is a portable system for balancing air distribution systems. It is capable of measuring air velocity and pressure. Velocities can be measured using the provided velocity grid or 18” foil type velocity probe. The kit also includes sensors for measurement of air temperature, surface temperature, water temperature, and psychrometric parameters. The psychrometric sensor directly measures dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. It calculates wet bulb temperature, enthalpy, grains of moisture, and specific volume. Volumetric air flow can be measured using the Evergreen Telemetry Standard Flow Hood.

The Wrist Reporter wirelessly displays and records readings from up to 10 sensors. Up to 100,000 data points can be stored in the Wrist Reporter and later uploaded to an Excel spreadsheet. If more data storage is desired, the wrist reporter can be connected to a PC with readings stored real time in an Excel spreadsheet.

Used with the thumb switch, measurements can be made with one hand, freeing the second hand for other tasks such as adjusting controls. This feature enables one technician to complete tasks alone that would normally require two sets of hands.

The kit includes these sensors:

S-PVF-1 Pressure/velocity/flow sensing module: view manufacturer's info

S-T-5 Air temperature sensor: view manufacturer's info

PR-T-2 Surface Temperature Probe: view manufacturer's info 

PR-T-4-6” Immersion temperature probe: view manufacturer's info 

S-H-3-5” Temperature and humidity sensor: view manufacturer's info 

Download the Wrist Reporter User’s Guide: 

Download software updates and technical information: here

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