Bacharach Combustion Analyzer PCA-400 (22122) Due 6/28/2024

Hand-held combustion and emissions analyzer for on-demand or semi-continuous sampling of light industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential furnaces, boilers, and appliances. Measures pressure, differential pressure, air temperature, stack temperature, differential temperature, flow, O2, CO-H2, COhigh, NO, NO2, and SO2. Calculates efficiency, CO2,  NOx, CO, and excess air. Also capable of logging up to 500 combustion test records at a preset interval or over a predetermined duration. Comes with Bluetooth/IrDA printer for reporting and data can also be downloaded to a computer using PCA reporting software.

View specifications: here

View user’s manual: here

Download PCA reporting software: here

Download apps for remote operation, combustion records, and heating efficiency calculation: here