Alnor Electronic Balometer - EBT731 (22069) Due 6/21/2024

Multi-purpose electronic air balancing instrument for taking direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles. The capture hood is back pressure compensated to ensure accurate readings. Includes 2x2 air capture hood, frame, and base. 

The detachable micromanometer can be used with the provided pitot tube and static pressure probes to measure air velocity, air volume, and air pressure. Bluetooth communication allows for transfer of data and remote polling. This micromanometer auto-zeroes, and automatically applies density correction. The integrated Log-Tchebycheff duct traverse simplifies calculations.

Use LogDat-CH software to record and track measurement data.

View the instrument specifications: here

View the user's manual: here

Download LogDat-CH software: here

View LogDat Mobile user's manual: here