Flexim Dual Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter Fluxus F601 (18194) Due 10/6/2023

Dual channel portable ultrasonic liquid flow meter for non-intrusive velocity, flow and BTUh measurements. Meter has digital display and keypad for instantaneous readings and a PC serial interface for data transfer. Operates up to 14 hours on fully charge - Transit-Time, Doppler enabled - 2 current outputs - 2 Temperature inputs - RS232 - wall thickness gauge.

Reserve the correct sized transducers for your pipe size:

0.5" to 6" diameter pipe

1" to 24" diameter pipe

2" to 48" diameter pipe

Download Flexim software FluxDiagReader: here

Download users manual: here

View Flexim installation video on YouTube: here

View Flexim instructional video for FluxDiag Reader: here