Summit Power Logger PS250 (14413) Check Availability

The PowerSight PS250 Power Monitor is a true RMS power logger. Four voltage leads and three 1000 amp current transducers are included with the logger and the borrower can request current transducers with different capacities ranging from 5 amps to 5,000 amps. The logger has an LCD display for real-time readings. The logger can be used to monitor fixed frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz or variable frequencies of 45 Hz  – 66 Hz or 360 Hz  – 400 Hz. The sampling rate at 60 Hz is 130 samples per cycle and the logger analyzes up to the 63rd harmonic.

This unit must be connected to 120 volt power for long term monitoring unless used with the Line to DC Converter.

View specifications and user's guide: here

Download PowerSight Manager software: here

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