Monarch LED Strobe Tachometer Nova-Pro 300 (21655) Check Availability

The Nova-Pro 300 is a three-mode tachometer used for measuring the speed of rotating objects such as fans or motor shafts. It has three modes of operation: strobe, laser, and tach - each with their own set of beneficial characteristics. The device can measure rotational speed in revolutions per minute (RPM) and revolutions per second (RPS). It can also display flash rate in flashes per minute (FPM) and flashes per second (FPS). It can measure rotational speeds from 0 to 999,999 RPM and has an accuracy of 0.001 % of setting or ± 1 last shown digit/ 6 digits to 0.001. The flash rate can be instantly doubled or halved which is useful in determining actual rotational speed.

View specifications and user’s manual: here