Alnor Hydronic Manometer HM680 (18635) Check Availability

The Alnor Hydronic Manometer HM680 is a portable hydronic manometer that measures differential or gauge pressure. The manometer is used to balance heating and cooling systems, check pump performance, and set balancing valves. It can measure and display differential, high side, and low side pressures simultaneously, without the need to change hose connections or instrument valve settings. The measurement range and accuracy of this model are the same as Model HM670, but this model calculates flow using valve manufacturers’ Cv (Kv) factors and also calculates heat flow, impeller diameter, and brake power.  It also includes a temperature probe for measurement of inline water temperatures. This model has logging and data storage capabilities for up to 1,000 combined readings and 100 data sets. Measurements can be downloaded to a PC using COMPUDAT software using the provided USB data cable.

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