HOBO FlexSmart/Energy Pro Logger H22-001 (16972) Check Availability

The FlexSmart H22-001 is a data logger with 6 input connectors for Onset smart sensors and the capacity for three multi-channel modules. Use the FlexSmart Analog Module for connection to third party sensors with a 4-20 mV or 0-20 VDC output such as pressure sensors. The FlexSmart provides up to 12VDC excitation voltage for these sensors. Use the HOBO FlexSmart TRMS module or HOBO FlexSmart TRMS Module with jack for third party sensors with 5 to 512 mVRMS output such as current transducers. Onset smart sensors can be plugged directly into the logger. The measurement range and accuracy depend on the sensor type connected and can be found in the sensor documentation. The battery life depends on the sensors connected and the sampling frequency. The logger can be connected to AC power or a car battery for prolonged monitoring. This data logger has a storage capacity of 512 Kb and can log at intervals of 1 second to 18 hours.

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The H22-001 is compatible with the following Onset smart sensors:

Onset Silicon Pyranometer Smart Sensor S-LIB-M003
Onset Soil Moisture Smart Sensor S-SMC-M005
Onset 12 Bit Temperature/RH Smart Sensor S-THB-002
Onset 12 Bit Temperature Smart Sensor S-TMB-M002

Onset 12 Bit Temperature Smart Sensor S-TMB-M006
Onset 12 Bit Temperature Smart Sensor S-TMB-M017

Onset Wind Speed & Direction Smart Sensor S-WCA-M003
HOBO Pulse Input Adapter S-UCC-M006
HOBO Pulse Input Adapter S-UCD-M006