Kill A Watt Meter P4400 (15542) Check Availability

The Kill A Watt Meter measures RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, apparent power, energy use (kWh), line frequency, and power factor. It accrues kWh and powered duration from the time that power is applied. Using this information, you can calculate electrical expenses by day, week, month, or the entire year. The meter is suitable for voltage services ranging from 85 to 125 Vrms, amperage services up to 15 Arms, active power up to 1875 Watts, apparent power up to 1875 VA, and line frequency ranging from 47 to 63 Hz. The typical voltage accuracy is ±0.2%, the current accuracy is ±0.3%, the active/apparent power accuracy is ±0.5%, the frequency accuracy is ±0.1 Hz, the power factor accuracy is ±0.1, and the cumulative kWh accuracy is ±0.5%. This device displays values for instantaneous voltage, current, power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, and cumulative energy over the monitoring period but does not collect time stamped data.

View specifications and user’s manual: here