Setra +/- 2.5" wc Bidirectional Differential Pressure Transducer (14670) Check Availability

This +/-2.5” wc differential pressure transducer is a low-air pressure transmitter for measuring relative pressure differences. This bidirectional sensor is able to sense differential pressure in both the negative and positive ranges. It has an accuracy is ± 1.0% full scale. The operating temperature range is -18 to 79 °C (0 to 175 °F). The output signal is 0 to 5 VDC and the transducer requires 9 to 30 VDC for excitation. This transducer has 3/16” OD barbed brass ports for ¼” tubing.

This +/-2.5” wc bidirectional differential pressure transducer is compatible with the HOBO FlexSmart/Energy Pro Logger and requires an analog module for connection.

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